A accusation by proxy and the way to prove the delegation of authority

(1) 형사소송법 제236조의 대리인에 의한 고소의 경우, 대리권이 정당한 고소권자에 의하여 수여되었음이 실질적으로 증명되면 충분하고, 그 방식에 특별한 제한은 없다.

A complaint filed by proxy under Article 236 of the Criminal Procedure Act is validly filed if it is substantially proved that the authority to bring the charge was granted by the person entitled to file a complaint, and there are no special restrictions on how to prove such delegation of authority.

(2) 따라서, 고소를 할 때 반드시 위임장을 제출한다거나 '대리'라는 표시를 하여야 하는 것은 아니다.

Accordingly, a power of attorney is not required, nor is it required to specify in the complaint that it is being filed by proxy.

(3) 또 고소기간은 대리고소인이 아니라 정당한 고소권자를 기준으로 고소권자가 범인을 알게 된 날부터 기산한다.

Furthermore, the statute of limitations begins to run from the date on which the person entitled to file a complaint becomes aware of the identity of the alleged offender, based on the knowledge of the lawful person entitled to file the complaint, and not the knowledge of the agent who filed the complaint.


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